Setting a challenge to a learner on Kloodle is a great way to encourage them to upload skill-demonstrating work. In this example, we're going to create an award based on a piece of work we do in Business Studies related to "The Barclays Award" - a series of activities learners undertake to demonstrate their commercial acumen.

You may have numerous examples in your subject area of activities learners participate in that build skills employers will find valuable. Setting up an award so learners have items of work on their profile serves 2 purposes:-

  • The learner has a record of the award in their profile

  • You have a collection of work demonstrating the skills you are building in your classroom.

Here's how to get started.

Log in to your teacher's profile and click awards in the top menu

Click "Create Awards" this will present you with the form to complete to create your award.

Add an image to your award by clicking the "Add icon" section

Describe what learners have done / have to do to achieve the award.

Tag in the skills this award is developing

Adding challenges

The next step is the most important, as it adds prompts for what work the learners should be uploading

You will see a choice stating: -

Do you want to create a to-do learners must complete before adding this activity to their profile?

Here, select yes

A new form field will appear where you can add challenges to this award.

Enter whet type of work you want your learners to upload in the field, making sure to click "Add" after each addition

Once completed, click "Publish"

Now, we are going to set this to our learners. You can filter which learners you want to set this award to using the tags on the right hand side. Once you have the learners you wish to set this award to, click the "Select All" toggle.

This will check all of the learners boxes and a black menu will appear. Click "Actions" in the menu

Click "Set for completion to selected". The status of all the learners will now change to "Ready for Completion".

What a learner sees

This will place the challenge in a learner's dashboard for completion. Logging in and scrolling to the "Awards" section of their dash, they will see your newly created award ready for completion.

Clicking "View Challenges" will show your learners the challenge items you set for them to earn this award.

Clicking "Get started" will take them to the posts screen to complete this challenge

Publishing their post will tick off challenge one as complete, moving the progress indicator upwards.

They can now repeat the process for the other two challenges

Viewing completion

Back in your teachers profile and in our learners list, we can see the posts learners have made.

Click "View Post" will show us the post this learner has uploaded for the challenge

We can mark the post here by clicking the "Mark" dropdown button and selecting "Mark as complete"

Or, we can wait until all the work has been submitted, and change the award to "Awarded" in our learners list by clicking on the green "Award" button

In our awards panel, we can select the "Completed work" tab and view a feed of the work submitted for this award,

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