Initial skills assessments are a great way to provide a baseline assessment for skills in order to demonstrate how your courses have developed learners' skills.

Here's how to complete a baseline assessment.

Learners log in to their profile and are presented with the dashboard

Scroll down to the skills wheel

Click the grey "Initial Skills Assessment" button

Learners can then assess their skills via a star rating system.

The system has "Credits" which will prevent learners from marking themselves as 7 for all skills.

Click "Save" at the bottom. This will redirect users back to the skills wheel.

The skills assessment is represented as the red wheel.

When learners now add posts to their profile, they will see the spokes grow around their initial assessment. This will show

1) How they have built on their initial skills ratings as a result of your course.

2) Similarities or differences between their own ratings and the ratings based on actual work posted to their profile.

The same system can be applied to Course Skills....

Course Skills assessments

In order for this to work, your organisation will need to have set up "Course Skills". Here;s a tutorial on how to do this.

Once you have set up course skills, learners will be able to repeat the above process for their course skills: -

Navigate to the Course Skills wheel on the dash page

Click "Initial Skills Assessment" button

Complete the ratings on the star system

Click publish. You will now be able to view the ratings on the wheel,

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