You may want to gather learner comments and opinions on the Gatsby based activities you run on Kloodle. Here's how to do this.

Create the activity

The first step in the process is to create a Gatsby activity on Kloodle. To do this, navigate to your Gatsby table.

Here is where all the Gatsby activities that have been created in your organisation are listed.

Click "Create" to create a new activitiy

Fill in the details of the activity.

Click "Publish".

Once created, we will tag in the benchmarks this activity has hit by clicking the "Add Benchmarks" button.

Then, click the "All Learners" tab to see the list of learners.

Click the "Select All" toggle to select all learners. You'll see the checkboxes next to the learners' names now have a tick.

Click "Actions" in the black menu above the learners list.

Click "Add to selected".

This will add the activity to all of the selected learners. The learners will now have an instance of this activity on their profiles to add their feedback.

You'll notice a "Feedback" tab in the tab menu. Clicking on this will show you we currently have no feedback from learners.

Learner feedback

Learners can leave their feedback by: -

Logging into their profile, selecting the "Dashboard" tab, and then clicking "View Activities".

This will launch a popup with a list of all of the activities a learner has been tagged in to.

The activity we've just created is then listed. The learner can then click the "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" button, depending on their opinions of the activity, as well as clicking the "Feedback" button to write further comments.

Viewing all feedback

Once your learners have left their feedback, you can refresh the "Feedback" tab in your teacher's account on the relevant award, and then see the number of "Likes" as well as the associated comments.

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