You may have noticed a new wheel appearing on learners' profiles on Kloodle - the Course-Specific skills wheel.

This wheel is designed to provide a snapshot of the skills learners are developing on their courses. Similar to how the current wheel works, learners select course skills when they are creating a post, providing evidence of the skill in question and growing the wheel in the process.

Course Skills are set at a local level - i.e. class teachers set the skills their course is developing. Here's how you can set up course skills.

Quick set across all classes

If you haven't set up a class, here's a tutorial on how to do this.

The first option you have is to use the Quick Edit feature to set skills up across all of our classes.

This is useful if we teach one specific subject and the skills are shared across all of our classes.

Log in to your teacher account and navigate to your classes

Click "Edit Skills"

In the Skills field in the blue "Quick Edit" box, begin to populate the skills your course is developing. In this example, I am going to be a chemistry teacher and will be developing skills such as: -

  • Scientific writing

  • Organic synthesis

  • Presenting Results

  • Thin-Layer Chromatography

After each skill you add, press return.

Once you have finished, click the green "Save changes" button. As this is a "global" edit, the changes will persist to all of our classes.

Making "Local" Changes

Each of your courses may differ slightly to the global skills you have just created. You can amend each course individually by using the fields provided.

For example, Level 1 learners may not study Thin-Layer Chromatography or use Analytical Balances. I'll click on the red cross to remove these skills.

Level 3 learners might study NMR and IR spectroscopy. I'll add these in next to my Level 3 class as specific skills.

Clicking the green save button each time persists the changes to the specific class only. That way, you can make local changes without disturbing the core global settings.

How learners can then use these tags

Once you have set these skills up, learners can use these skills when creating a post to their profile.

Only the skills you have set up for their class will be visible by the learner.

A learner can click "Create Post" from their profile, and see the skills available as options to choose from.

Once the student has selected the correct skills and clicked "Publish", their course skills wheel will grow with the selections they made.

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